About ISNM

International Sales Consultancy
ISNM was created to help companies within the travel industry to develop, adapt or change their international sales. Whether it is your international sales strategy, managing your sales teams or international  sales networks ISNM will provide you with the consultancy that matches your needs. ISNM will provide solutions that will ensure that your revenue goals are realistic and achievable. We will ensure that your international sales effort is focused to provide the best results and obtain your market share. The international markets can be culturally complex and it can take time to understand what is required. We will provide you with the right approach, strategic plan and solution.
Global Coverage – Local Solutions?
ISNM will utilize its international experience of over 20 years of working with over 50 international markets and cultures. ISNM has a global network of partners and contacts within the travel industry to develop and deliver a local solution for you. Whatever the need or market segment, ISNM can develop and find your solution. As a small consultancy we are hands-on, quick to respond, energetic and experienced.
Outsourcing – Getting It Right?
Outsourcing your sales & marketing functions, back office sales support or your out of hours support in international markets can be very productive, but do you know where to start? What options are best and at what cost? What resources will you need to manage this option and many other questions… we can help you create a plan and solution that best fits your needs, as there are many options. Often the best solutions turn out to be a combination and mix of available options, it is knowing how to create the right model where ISNM can help. The “internal” reaction to outsourcing is often a barrier, ISNM can guide you through that to get the best results for all and improve internal perceptions.

To find out more please contact derekshanks@isanm.com